William Barr – Possible: a Guide for Innovation

william barr possibleWhere projects are focused on enabling changes, it’s good to get inspired on innovation often. When William Barr requested to read and review Possible: a Guide for Innovation, I quickly embraced the chance. Peter Drucker‘s famous point of view, a business has just two functions: marketing and innovation, is core to this book. Barr shares a lot of quotes and one liners from business legends like Thomas Watson (IBM), Sam Walton (Walmart), and Henry FordNiccolo MachiavelliAbraham Lincoln, and Thomas Edison. A true spirit of innovation sparks intuition, entrepreneurship, prototyping and the experience that you may be mistaken 99 times, but the 100th time may be that one breakthrough. Countless examples, from the brothers Wright’s airplanes, spacecraft, the internet or fabrics. For the open-minded, the ones willing to go the extra mile and eager for innovation, Barr has specific tools for you: 4 basic ways ideas are used, 20 ways to measure innovation, 36 features of the corporate culture, and 21 techniques to develop ideas. If you think you can’t proceed from this richness, please re-read the book and challenge yourself again. A great read on everything ‘innovation’.

About the author

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in Psychology, author William Barr has devoted his life to the study of the psychological phenomena of creativity, and as an extension of that, the subject of innovation and its benefit to society. Mr. Barr is allowed 30 minutes daily to think about absolutely anything with no purpose in mind. Subjects include paranormal phenomena, time travel, and quantum mechanics. He lives and writes in Houston, Texas where he is bewildered from his fascination with all subjects.

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