Rick Bennett – Daddy’s Little Felons

daddyslittlefelonsIn his second novel Daddy’s Little FelonsRick Bennett introduces you to a contemporary detective Morgan Rapier. A true computer wizard, able to trigger and end a cyber war by his own, competent and quick. This former U.S. Navy SEAL gets intrigued in a multinational criminal scene, where gunfire isn’t the only option. From a child abuser, suspense at a burial to frequent talks to the U.S. President himself. Bennett throws in high-tech details every single page and tries to keep your attention until the very end. I experienced a tidal wave of the story’s pace every now and then. By the time you’d enough of conversation some quick twists take you to a next round, never sure where this will end among serial killer, Mormons and jihad warriors.

To give you an impression of Bennett’s writing style, a short quote: “Instead, all these little polygons of glass rained into the room like hail from hell. I hit the hardwood floor in a roll and immediately registered an increase in the decibel level of the screaming. An increase caused as I landed behind the couch and in front of an iPod-alarm-clock-speaker combination pumping an earsplitting woman’s scream.”

About the Author

Rick Bennett’s one-man ad agency took Oracle from $15 million to its first billion-dollar sales year. His guerrilla marketing has helped create billion-dollar companies (Oracle and Salesforce.com, to name two), along with numerous $100+-million companies in the computer hardware, database, circuit design and artificial intelligence industries. His advertising has helped trigger acquisition of his clients—Forté by Sun, Vantive by PeopleSoft (who was then acquired by Oracle), Junglee by Amazon.com, and IntraLinks by TA Indigo Holding Corporation—and his Wall Street Journal ads secured major equity investments in one client from Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. He learned guerrilla warfare from the late Tony Schwartz (1923-2008), whose famous Daisy commercial destroyed Barry Goldwater in 1964, and with whom he worked in 1979 to pass Massachusetts’ tax-limitation initiative. Bennett is also a mathematician and inventor covered early in his career by Business Week and The Wall Street Journal, and television shows such as Good Morning America, NBC’s Today and Tomorrow With Tom Snyder, the McNeil-Lehrer Report, and Mike Douglas.

He currently sits on the Quantum Leap Innovations board of directors, periodically rents his brain to technology clients who want to drive a stake into the hearts of their competitors, and writes a cyber privateering blog. He lives with his wife of 47 years in a Utah mountainside home they call The Pirate Cottage. Bennett is currently working on the sequel to Daddy’s Little Felons. That book, originally published in 2010, now made available as e-book, was provided me for free by the author himself.