Ruby Barnes – Getting Out of Dodge

getting out of dodgeGer Mayes, the protagonist in Ruby Barnes’ previous novel, Peril – which I haven’t read yet – is released from prison after serving nine years for committing Ireland’s biggest drug heist. Adviced to get out of the Dodge as soon as possible, Mayes stays in Ireland, rebuilds his normal life piece by piece again. Next to a home, furniture, a couple of girlfriends, it comes down to renewed contacts with the Romanians that caused his imprisonment. Guided by his libido, instead of proper senses, he gets entangled in James Bond-like crime scenes in Kilkenny again. Will this anti-hero be able to do something against trafficked women?

Barnes writes with humorous twists in his plot, and enough pace to keep your attention. Getting out of Dodge: Peril 2 is a funny crime thriller with a local flavour of Irish people and geographies.

About the author

Ruby Barnes is an author and a reader. He writes dark thrillers РPeril, The Baptist, The Crucible Рand reads thrillers and literary fiction. He has pedalled the pushbike of life until the chain fell off. Now living in rural Ireland where the natives are friendly and the weather atrocious, he writes crime fiction and thrillers.

I got this e-book as Early Reviewer from the publisher through Librarything.