Larry Osborne – Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret

innovations dirty little secretUnlike most business books on innovation Larry Osborne does not draw on worn out (urban) legends, instead applies spiritual and managerial lessons in and from his own organization, a mega church in San Diego and his role as teaching pastor. In this Innovation Series book from the Leadership Network Osborne pays attention to the one thing innovation ‘gurus’ will not tell you: most innovations fail. If you don’t do anything, your organization will collapse, or end soon. But change never comes easy, meets a lot of resistance. So, what’s necessary to succeed? A lot of experimentation, tough leadership and perseverance. Your biggest problems may be(come) your powerful igniters. From getting the right people on the bus and notorious opponents off to the legacy you leave behind when you die or depart from the organization.

Osborne shares leadership lessons that differ between vision and mission, bust the attributed power given to data and facts. Innovation brings something new, unthinkable now, so it takes faith and boldness, instead of facts or spreadsheet management. Surveys are a waste of time, group think dangerous. However, a realistic approach when innovating will keep you on track. Trust and credibility are too important to loose, whether your business or church is involved. Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret brings much more than just a small revelation, it really helps you along the path of serial innovation.

About the author

Larry Osborne is a teaching pastor at North Coast Church in northern San Diego County. North Coast is widely recognized as one of the most influential and innovative churches in America. Osborne speaks extensively on the subjects of leadership and spiritual formation. His books include Sticky Teams, Sticky Church (2009), 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, and Spirituality for the Rest of Us. He and his wife, Nancy, live in Oceanside, California.