Ken Davis – Secrets of Dynamic Communication

Secrets of dynamic communicationKen Davis was asked very often for his silver bullet or secret ingredient for delivering an effective speech or presentation. He drafted the first version back in 1991, got famous for conferences and training on this topic. Now, a revised and revamped version of Secrets of Dynamic Communication, aimed at both beginners and experienced presenters is a guideline for presentations of all kinds, whether it’s your next sales pitch, Sunday’s sermon or conference slot. is a practical and effective handbook for powerful presentations of all kinds. The first half is an elaboration on the SCORRE acronym for the preparation phase. With a Subject, Central theme and Objective you’ll get the focus on the reason behind and what you’re trying to convey in your presentation. You have to select, narrow your focus and really spend time on preparation. With a solid Rationale and Resources you build your presentation structure and add examples, illustrations and evidence to it. With an on-going Evaluation you make sure you stay on track and learn from experience.

The second part of the book is devoted to the delivery of the presentation. All kinds of important aspects that can support or break your performance are highlighted: from your cloths and body language to the lighting and sound system. Time management and humor and involvement of your audience both during the presentation and afterwards are described. Apart from the mics and lights Davis stays away from presentation software or the use of modern technology / social media in presenting. First things first: the skill set of presenting, which seems to have a timeless character.

About the author

Author Ken Davis is frequently hired by individuals and companies around the world to bring his humor and expertise to others in the speaking field, and he is now bringing those concepts to the wider community as well.

Ken Davis is the founder of Dynamic Communicators International. He and Michael Hyatt, former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, have recently teamed up to provide a series of seminars and workshops for speakers, writers, and communicators.

Over the last three decades, Dynamic Communicators Workshops, now known as the SCORRE Conference, have helped thousands from all walks of life develop their speaking skills. Professional athletes, best-selling authors, corporate executives, and career ministry people are just among a few who have attended over the years. No matter what your present experience level, if you speak, these workshops are guaranteed to help you prepare and deliver presentations with clarity and confidence. Workshop faculty from across the United States represents the top of the communication field. They also share the common attitudes of care and concern that will inspire you to develop your speaking skills. For more information:

If you want to make a scene, you have to be seen. The Platform Conference is based on Michael Hyatt’s New York Times best-selling book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. This event teaches the invaluable skills that will get you seen and heard. If you have something to say or something to sell, this conference will help you build the platform to get the word out. For more information:

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