Dan Webb – No Accident

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dan webb no accidentWhat if your boss secretly took out an insurance policy on your life—then sent you into harm’s way? 5 colleagues died under suspicious circumstances in a car accident Luke Hubbard, Liberty Industries’s celebrated CEO, claims that the rich insurance policies the company as a beneficiary took out on their lives were just normal corporate practice. Alex Fogarty, insurance investigator, has a lot to think of, both professionally, as well as in his private life. He’s run out of money, can’t pay mortages on his five houses he bought before the real estate crash. Keeping his lights dimmed, and sneaking into his own house by the backyard is his way to avoid being seen by the bill collectors.

Luke Hubbard is in a divorce case with his wife Sheila Hubbard. Sheila wants it all in order to settle a profitable divorce, and knows no boundaries. This whodunnit keeps you engages to the very end. Pieace by piece in short chapters the story unfolds, characters are brought in and detailed.  No Accident is a search for truth and justice, where injustice, unethical decisions and murder seem to rule Los Angeles. Dan Webb’s first book is worth another crime fiction title.

About the author

Dan Webb lives in California with his family and an aging but energetic Labrador retriever.

The author asked me to read and review his book, which caused no harms at all 😉