Andrew Soyars – Hail, Ye Knights of the King

Hail ye knightsIn Hail, Ye Knights of the King (originally published in 2007, but offered to me in 2013 by the author) Andrew Soyars lets you rediscover what the armor of God, described in the well-known Bible chapter Ephesians 6 is really all about. Why’s the armor created (to attack? No, basically to defense), how it is created (the different parts of the armor, materials and their allegorical or spiritual importance).

The booklet (132 pages) really helps you to concentrate again on Jesus Christ, The Way to follow and the wonderful plans He has for your life. And when you’re dealing with living in this broken world, your flesh / old nature / sins, it may feel that your armor is flawed and you’re incapable of handling it. No, it’s not a King Arthur kind of story, no fairy-tale, the good news of the power of the living God that rules this earth. Our adversary, the old dragon (devil, satan) has already been slain…not by a knight, but by a Lamb. And instead of medieval London, you’ll get a view of Jerusalem…where the true King became a pauper, so that we paupers could become kings.

Though the book follows a verse-by-verse structure and often feels like the Bible’s is copied, it’s a self-contained themed purposeful booklet as a result, where other inspirational books only refer to biblical truths from a distance. In comparison this is an in your face message, a true wake-up call for all the King’s knights!

About the author

Just another Christian author sharing insights! Andrew Soyars firmly believes that the kingdom of God is within you…and it’s his goal to help as many that are willing, to enter the gates. As an author, his books are written with that goal in mind.