Margaret Feinberg – The Organic God Soundtrack

the organic godAs a companion to Margaret Feinberg‘s The Organic Good (last month I read & reviewed it) the author shares a soundtrack to each of the chapters at the end of her book.

Questions, delight, wonder, gladness and unfinished searches by bands like U2, Mark Schultz, Coldplay, The Fray, Simon & Garfunkel, Charlotte Church, Pearl Jam, Derek Webb, Chris Tomlin and Sara Groves. An artist line-up you will not find at any festival or during a 1 hour radio show. And that’s why I liked this life journey’s soundtrack by Feinberg!

The On the journey blogger RevKaren made a non-sequential list of Youtube tracks of these songs back in 2009. With Spotify nowadays it’s much easier to compile and share a playlist like this.

Feel free to comment, suggest additions to this playlist, where organic, natural, pure and essential: all of life’s ups and downs are mentioned.