Sarah Baethge – Panoptemitry

Sarah BaethgeI pushed myself again to read and review a SciFi/fantasy book. In Panoptemitry the story starts at a planet far away, used as a kind of prison for males. Only one female is kept too, Emilija Lithuan. Will she be able to set herself free? Then she will have to defeat the all knowing, ubiquitous computer network S.Y.M.A.C., unravel the truths and lies of her fellows and discover the deeper machinations of the Caytalan Church doctrines, rituals and rites of passage. Meet morphing androids, a kind of talking kangaroos, travel faster than anyone did before and reach unkown worlds.

The tension between science and religion and the abuse of both instruments to suppress people is a main theme. Of course morality comes into play when one woman faces so many men, a godhead starts warning and advising. Reading the ebook was difficult due to the strange formatting (normal, italic, bold in the mix), the constant flow of fantasy names and language. The final chapters seem to be written in a rush to get the rescue done without any real (character) developments.

So check upfront, for example by reading a free sample, to check whether this is your cup of tea. The author provided me with a free e-book version to review it.

About the author

Sarah Baethge lives in Salado, Texas, on a donkey ranch. She’s always been a fan of Science fiction, and she writes Sci-fi/Fantasy. She’s done little more than read and write for most of my adult life. She blogs her own book reviews online too.