EC Stilson – How to Avoid Having Sex

avoidsexfrontIn this 65 pages booklet How to Avoid Having Sex, EC Stilson shares her tricks to avoid having the S-E-X word. She thanks her Cade for having all the tricks tried on him and vice versa. That’s one of the funny aspects, that some reasons, arguments or excuses may be suitable for him as well. Cade proved to be a quick learner, will you? Among others, think of the classics like headache, not in the mood, having your monthly period, peeking children and sudden grief. But the author has gathered a bunch of others as well, including strange sounding words (which might be diseases or brain puzzles lowering your libido), having company staying the night, pretending to be asleep and effective mood destroyers.

Of course there’s recognition, but laughter prevails. Written in dialogues, bullet lists and frivolous fonts. How to… is a great (wedding) gift book, readable for both partners. Enjoy!

About the author

Elisabeth Hirsch (1983) is a part-owner and editor at Wayman Publishing. All three of her memoirs (under the pen name EC Stilson) have become Amazon best sellers within the last two years. Since 2011, she’s helped Wayman Publishing raise thousands of dollars for organizations such as Angel Watch, the Pregnancy Resource Center, the American Diabetes Association and Primary Children’s Hospital. When she’s not parenting or writing, Elisabeth is speaking at assemblies and signings, or encouraging families at infant-loss relief groups. She has an online journal at

I got a copy from Wayman Publishing through Librarything.