Spike Pedersen – At First Light

At First LightTwo lives meet each other near the banks of Brazil’s Amazon River. Jesse Nickols is disillusioned with family business leaves the known past for a uncertain future in British Columbia. He joins a couple of hang gliders to enjoy the beauty of flying above the earth. Piper Brown gets away to Manaus, the megacity in the Amazon heartland. She frees a bound child, and even returns her home, many many miles upstream. There, she discovers that the girl’s family and fellow villagers are victims of cruel genocide. Piper has to do something against Tohanna, the ruler of the opposing tribe in the Amazon. Somehow Jesse and his friends enter a freighter, sail the Atlantic Ocean down to the Amazon Delta and even reach the same village.

At First Light continues with even more killings, and the need for an ultimate sacrifice to let the revenge killings come to an end. With Jesse and Piper falling in love. thriller, suspense, travel, adventure and a love story aspects all deserve their place in this intriguing book.

About the author

Spike Pedersen resides in Madison, Wisconsin and was a columnist for the Green Bay Press-Gazette for ten years, writing for their Sunday addition of Home and Garden. He’s also published articles in American Motorcyclist Association magazine.

Spike Pedersen gave me the opportunity to read and review his debut. I’m curious what Volume II will bring.