Shari Harley – How to Say Anything to Anyone

Shari Harley how to say anythingIn How to Say Anything to Anyone Shari Harley presents a Guide to Building Business Relationships That Really Work. Key concept: candor. Candor is making a commitment to talk about things as they happen, not 6 months after the fact. When candor’s missing, gossip, tensions and secret agendas arise.┬áMany of us remain passive against broken, indirect communication habits, hoping that things will miraculously improve? Unfortunately, that will not happen. It takes stills and effort to lead 360 degrees. Be the change you want to see in the world around you. How people work with you depends on the relationships you cultivate. So build trust and rapport, avoid gossiping, give and receive feedback in an orderly manner and without prejudice. Set relationship expectations, assume less and ask much more. What do your colleagues or boss expect? Will your approach be accepted? Take action on your ideas and feelings. It will make the workplace a happier place to stay and business relationships last longer.

Harley repeats her messages often, both in formulas, steps and crafted cases and real-life stories, which makes her guide boring at times. Nevertheless these lessons can’t be practiced enough. From a simple ‘thank you’ after receiving feedback, avoiding a cc: email culture to an intentional introduction in a new job.

About the author

Shari Harley started her career selling and facilitating programs for Dale Carnegie Training. She has also provided training for American Century Investments, led leadership development and succession planning for OppenheimerFunds, and taught leadership courses at the University of Denver. She holds a MA in communication from the University of Denver and a BA in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

In 2007 Harley left her corporate career to launch Candid Culture, a training and consulting firm that seeks to bring candor back to the workplace, creating a safe haven for employees and managers to speak honestly. Shari is known globally as an engaging, funny, content-rich business speaker, trainer, and consultant. Her practical approach to making business relationships work has enabled her to speak and train throughout the United States and in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Dubai, and Australia.

Shari has a passion for international travel and there are few places she won’t go. When not traveling, speaking, or training, Shari spends as much time as possible outside. She lives in Denver, Colorado.