Jack O’Leary & Mary Clare Lyons – My Road to Kenya

In My Road to Kenya: A Story of Faith, Hope and Democracy in Action Jack O’Leary and Mary Clare Lyons share their personal actions in Kenya to make a difference in many lives of the people of Kenya. Both faith, fate, entrepreneurship and endurance led them to east-Africa to supply hospitals, build clinics, schools, churches and houses for homeless children. In a country where HIV/AIDS was spreading quickly, women’s rights not so common as in back home in the USA and the hands and feet of Jesus Christ weren’t that visible, there was (and still is) much work to do.

The book spans a period of 17 years, gives an insight of mobilizing the Catholic clergy and churchmembers to raise funds, practical issues of getting things done in Kenya, but leaves leisure time as well. Happy memories of ordinary people overcoming obstacles and impressing results.Great book on philanthropy, practical Christianity, and the human spirit, without leaving humour back home.

About the authors

Jack O’Leary is an entrepreneur and philantropist. In 1984, Jack, then corporate vice president of Burroughs Corporation, was approached to help launch International Imaging Materials, Inc. (IIMAK), which he took public one decade later. While CEO and president of IIMAK, he was named campaign chairman of the United Way of Rochester, New York. New York State‘s Entrepreneur of the Year in 1995, Jack retired from corporate life to enjoy more time with friends and family, including his 11 grandchildren.

He never intended to become involved in the lives of the people of Kenya, but having financed the education of several Kenyan students, he was invited to visit them. Soon he he was refurbishing and building hospitals, clinics and orphanages, and undertaking other humanitarian projects.

Mary Clare Lyons was one of four children born to Carol and Charles B. Kenning of Rochester, NEw York. She retired from corporate America in 1995 to raise her two daughters and teach at Pittsford Mendon High School. As a teacher, she had the opportunity to be the faculty advisor for a community service club wherein she worked on several projects with local charities. She travelled to Kenya for the first time in 2007, falling in love with the people, the country’s rich and diverse history, and its breath-taking landscapes.

Today, Mary Clare divides her time between New York and Florida while continuing her efforts to grow and fulfill her passion for learning.