Anne Robey-Graham – The Church Sign

Funny, provoking church signs showcasing life lessons or adverts for the local services serve as pivots in this love story. Alicia Zimmerman, a brilliant researcher at a Calgary, Canada university is engaged, but finding out that her bethroded is cheating her with another woman, both her professional and personal life is messed up. She migrates to the US again and finds a new job…and a new man, Eric, a widower, also working at the Prescott, Arizona University.

Eric and Alicia have both to overcome their recent tragic past. Their friendship quickly grows into something more substantially. And when rumors on her past catches attention, transparency is needed not to loose each other.  The Church Sign is a novel about letting go and learning that God forgives, no matter how great our mistakes. The author did her best to insert twists, humor and flashbacks to retell the story in different order than pure chronological. An enjoyable read.

About the author

Dr. Anne Robey-Graham earned an EdD from Arizona State University and worked in higher education for over 20 years. She also had over 30 years of ministry experience. It was her love of these fields, and the people she worked with, that fueled her passion for writing The Church Sign.Dr. Robey-Graham passed away unexpectedly in December of 2011, leaving behind her husband, five children, and five grandchildren.