Jonathan Dee – A Thousand Pardons

Sorry seems to be the hardest word, quoting Elton John‘s 1976 hit. Ben Armstead is a partner in a prestigious law firm. When it comes out he has deceived his wife, Helen, a marriage breakup is the unavoidable consequence. The discovery also leads to imprisonment and a rehab, which Ben accepts reluctantly. Helen tries to rebuild her life, seeks a job and lands in a public relations firm. She relocates with her daughter Sara to an apartment in Manhattan. In her new role Helen practices the gift of forgiveness. Firms and persons attacked or accused are pushed to openly ask for forgiveness in order to remain in business and come out stronger afterwards. When her ultimate challenge is presented to her, the Catholic Church struggling with priests and clergy that abused children, fate turns against Helen. Can Helen forgive her ex-husband and speak the truth at all times to her daughter?

I enjoyed reading A Thousand Pardons and admire its main theme, challenging every single reader to take honesty and forgiveness bloody serious, both personal and professional.

About the author
Jonathan Dee is the author of four novels, most recently Palladio. He is a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine, a frequent contributor to Harper’s, and a former senior editor of The Paris Review. He teaches in the graduate writing programs at Columbia University and the New School.

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