Justin Blaney – Evan Burl and the Falling

Evan Burl is an orphan but has magical powers too. In the well crafted Evan Burl and the Falling you meet him, fellow orphans and wicked family members. Short chapters with different storytellers, counting down until the Falling. Burl is held captive in his uncle Mazol’s house. Just like the other orphans Evan longs for a family. As the oldest he’s a natural protector of the other kids. But, someone wants to kill him off. And that’s where this fiction story takes a twist every now and then. Will Evan Burl escape from the isolated castle of Dǣmanhur, uncle Mązol and his goons, Ballard and Yesler. A mysterious message in the Book predicts that Evan will become an evil sapient when he turns sixteen, and that he cannot be turned from his destiny. The author chose to use fictional names and even a special font type to make the names of people and places look even more intriguing. You’d better not stop reading after a couple of chapters!

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About the Author

Justin Blaney was born in Los Angeles and began his writing career in Mrs. King’s English class at the age of 6, but after a tragic accident involving a manual pencil sharpener he suddenly declared that writing was “not his thing.” Instead, he moved one state north to make his fortune in the organic meats industry. After being named the Sausage Baron of Springfield, Justin grew tired of farming fame and moved yet another state north where he can venture into the meat department at Whole Foods without being pestered for the secret to one of his famous recipes.

Since then, Justin founded several companies, earned a MBA, started producing films, went parasailing, rode an elevator to the top of the Space Needle and decided to give writing one last shot, the result of which is a book about a shut-in who never takes a bath. Justin lives with his wife and three daughters in Issaquah, a suburb of Bellevue which is a suburb of Seattle.

Fiction? I wish it ‘d be true!

This story about an orphan named Evan Burl is fiction, but millions of children in the real world will go to sleep tonight without any parents to tuck them in. That is why 10% of the profit from this book goes to caring for orphans and supporting at-risk youth around the world. Please consider joining me in helping real kids experience their own happy endings by donating time or money to an orphanage or non-profit that benefits at-risk youth near you. Two great organizations to consider supporting if you aren’t aware of one already: Child of Mine and Jubilee Reach