Daniel Dinnie – Through The Crimson Mirror book 1

This is not your ordinary parenting book or self-help guide. Neither took Daniel Dinnie his chance to sack his parents or despise his upbringing altogether. At 28 Dinnie is mature enough to mix his life experiences, marketing diploma and skills to write a trilogy about parenting without showing a wise guy image.

Though inspired by dysfunction and tragedy and stuffed with information many modern management books are lacking, in Through The Crimson MIrror the author asks attention for parenting beyond the “we had sex, she got pregnant, and so we’re parents now” as if nothing can be learned or practiced. Nothing could be more true. Topics discussed in this first book are among others education, forgiveness, communication & language, conversation with your child, secrets & lies. Better to prevent problems and dysfunctional families than trying to repair and restore.

Thanks to the personal flavor, whether it’s the glimpse of Daniel’s love life, stories and recent personal developments, this first book out of three is quite a teaser to the second and third part. It’s not for the faint hearted or readers expecting superficial explorations.

About the author

Daniel Dinnie was born in Durban, South Africa, in 1983, to dad, Alan, and mom, Sue. After a largely uninspired, uncreative and lonely youth, he graduated from college with a diploma in computer science and worked as a programmer. Programming left him un-stimulated, so after many years he left. The next few years turned out to be tempestuous. Traumatic events followed and inspired this book, which fulfills one of his goals and desires.