Mark McMillin – Gather the Shadowmen

Gather the Shadowmen (The Lords of the Ocean) is the first book in a trilogy telling  a story based upon the true exploits of Captain Luke Ryan, Irish swashbuckler and American patriot – Benjamin Franklin’s most dangerous privateer. Mark McMillin has done his utmost to bring this naval history and adventures in smuggling to life. Captain Luke Ryan is a Lieutenant on a British frigate in the North Atlantic who helps capture a French ship. He escorts it back to England. He and the French captain become friends. Their secret plan: get rid of the French vessel and enter smuggling. Together with Irish lads they will be known as The Shadowmen, dedicated to their master and trade. Adventures on sea bring them to British jail, a break-out, regaining the ship and a flee to France. Benjamin Franklin is asked to assign them as privateers. Along the way, Ryan falls in love with a partner’s daughter in his smuggling trade.

Placed during the American Revolution, the author succeeded in getting the nautical terms well and keeping the book accessible. Of course readers are left with a cliff hanger, challenging them to read part II and III as well,   Prince of the Atlantic and Napoleon’s Gold.

About the Author

Mark McMillin has dabbled in soldiering, business and the law searching, as we all must, for his rightful place in this world. He and his family reside in the United States.