Kevin G. Harney and Sherry Harney – Organic Outreach for Families

Positioned between The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak and books on parenting, Kevin & Sherry Harney, as well as their children, share their insights on authentic Christians living in a family, neighborhood and school. In Organic Outreach for Families, the authors show five ways you can naturally share your faith with others:
1. Reaching your own children with the message of Jesus
2. Sharing God’s grace with your extended family
3. Raising your children to be beacons of light in their schools and in the neighborhood
4. Opening the doors of your home to make it attractive and welcoming
5. Shining the light of grace into your broader community
Though practical help, social activities are necessary, without telling others about the gospel, the gospel isn’t complete. And so, it’s time to know what prayer can do in your lives, what’s needed in your community and really care for your family and friends around. Know what your children watch and listen to, serve in your schools, don’t rely on withdrawing from and complaining about the negative influences. The light shines in the dark, do you remember?

The Harneys testify about the power of that simple Sunday school verse This Little Light of Mine. They always tried to balance between the desire to bring people to Christ and restraining from being (too) pushing. Everyone needs to make a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ. Both pastors, youth leaders and parents will find this book a helpful resources for creative ways tot witness and proclaim the gospel in an authentic, personal way to the people we care about most. And should that lead to a small group, there are always the Purpose Driven Life resources from Saddleback to get you started.

About the Authors

Kevin and Sherry Harney serve at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, California. They have authored Finding a Church You Can Love and Organic Outreach For Families, and more than sixty small group Bible Studies.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher Zondervan through Netgalley to provide you my review.