June Hunt – How to Deal with Difficult Relationships

You’re not alone in this world. Especially as a Christian you’re challenged each and every day to build, restore and sustain relationships: with God, your husband or wife, children, co-workers, friends, fellow believers, neighbours, etc. Life’s a hard place, and many times we make mistakes. June Hunt is the founder of Hope for the Heart, a worldwide biblical counseling ministry that provides numerous resources for people seeking help. She hosts a live, two-hour call-in counseling program called Hope in the Night, and is the author of Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook and How to Handle Your Emotions. She helps Bridging the Gaps That Separate People in her latest guide How to Deal with Difficult Relationships.

Hunt shares what the Bible has to say on a critical spirit, using the storyline of Job and manipulation along the lives of Abraham, Sarah, Jacob and Esau. Then codependency, confrontation, conflict resolution and forgiveness are dealt with in great detail.

Her Counseling Through the Bible Series is built on endless lists, quoted Bible verses (often without direct context, but straight from a concordance), repetitions, sparsely illustrated with an extra-biblical story. Let’s take Critical Spirit as an example. 75 pages, divided in 4 Definitions, 3 Characteristics, 6 Causes and 14 Steps to Solution. Confession forms, sample prayers and a Q&A section are provided. In my humble opinion: overwhelming!

I truly missed Hunt’s own life experience on all these daily problems and ways to get along with people. She deserves praise for letting Scripture speak about troubled relationships, but the Bible isn’t a 10-steps-to-success cook book. With so many quotes from the Bible I’d better read the Bible itself.

I received a pre-release review copy through Netgalley.com in order to write an honest review.