Tony J Winn – Pretty Girls Don’t Cry

“Nora had a face for radio, as the expression goes, so when rumors surfaced that a hot, single man was in the station that day, she didn’t have high hopes. (…) The back of his head disappeared, down the hall and around the corner. The next song queued up in Selector was an older one, Polyester Bride by Liz Phair, and Nora hummed along happily, for possibly the thousandth time.” Nora lost one foot in a motorcycle accident. She jumped into a radio host job right out of college. Nora is cute, for others hot and sexy, and she knows that. Together with her girlfriends she is looking for mr. Handsome and Right, while still living with her parents. A plastic surgery nose job would make her face really perfect and a chance to get another job, whether as ad model. After a couple of one night stands two men get more attention. In the end Aaron is the lucky of the two, teenage years, including the accident can finally be left behind, a new job enjoyed and a life at a safe distance from her parents begin. She found her love and is happily after all. “Back in the Camarro, she started the engine and turned up the radio. The station was playing Liz Phair. Nora rolled down the window and sang along, as loud as she could.” This well-rounded novella reads easily on a summer day: Pretty girls don’t cry. For more info on the author, check