Lucie Ulrich – Broken Vessels

Luke Connors lost his wife and children and has to build up his life again. Emma Garner, little sister of Luke’s best friend Jimmy, had a short friendship with Luke 12 years ago, and somehow returned to Luke’s life while at his therapist’s. Emma is divorced. Her man left her when she was attacked by a competitor at a model contest. Emma too has to rebuild a life for her own. Sick of men in general, she granted Jimmy to live with her in a spacious property, bought from the money earned as a model. Her relationship with her mother and stepfather is troubled, to say it mildly. Church means a lot, but serves as a therapy, a cover up. Luke and Emma learn to trust each other, but encounter their fallability and thin trust lines along the way. Several twists in the romance storyline relate to a lot of readers. What would you do in the given circumstance? Would you give up, forget and forgive? After all we’re broken vessels, not (yet) perfect. And yes, there’s a happy end to this two lives woven together again. Lucie Ulrich painted a vivid pictures of the characters and their development through life’s pain and struggles in Broken Vessels. Christian in setting and way of writing. Sexuality isn’t dismissed but summarized in expressions like ‘becoming one flesh’. And while God is called upon several times for action, choices and actions by family and friends make up the storyline.

About the author
Lucie Ulrich hasn’t stopped writing since her first skit was performed on a church stage more than a dozen years ago. An avid reader, she spent years sharing her passion for writing and storytelling with her middle and high school drama students. Recently retired from teaching, Lucie looks forward to writing full time. Born in Montreal, Canada, Lucie now lives in Florida with her husband, Rick and their Jack Russell Terrier, Gracie. She has two grown children.

I received a complimentary review copy from Kirkdalepress through Librarything‘s Early Review program.