K.D. Calamur – Murder in Mumbai

NPR editor Krishnadev Calamur comes an engrossing murder mystery set in the heart of the new India, Mumbai to be precise. Anyone who’s lived in Mumbai will understand this: You love it; you loathe it; you embrace it. In return, the city—in all her splendor, in all her munificence—makes you hers. A city of beauty and squalor, old and new, wealth and poverty, honest work and deep corruption. Murder’s no big deal, but when a foreign lady’s body is found on a waste dump, it’s serious business. Inspector Vijay Gaikwad has to solve the murder of American businesswoman Liz Barton quickly. Newspaper reporter Jay Ganesh, looking for the one big story to repair his once-prestigious reputation, is interested as well. Both men soon disover piece by piece by interviewing lots of people who’s lying and who’s not. Mumbai’s infamous traffic, ways to interact, castes and their influence still present and widespread corruption all have their place in this whodunnit. Will Gaikwad end Ganesh be in time? Murder in Mumbai is fun to read, a couple of hours crime investigation in an Indian settting. Well done! Dutton’s revival of its Guilt Edged Mysteries imprint reinvigorates the genre, attracts a new generation of readers, and inspires someone else half a world away.

About the author
Krishnadev Calamur is an editor at NPR in Washington, D.C. He was born in New Delhi and brought up in Mumbai, where he began his journalistic career. He has also lived in London and Missouri. This is his first published work of fiction. Calamur lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife and their dog.

I received a complimentary copy through Netgalley.com to provide you my review.