Daniel Rirdan – The Blueprint

Where other writers and scientists deal with aspects and consequences of global warming, overpopulation, city development, sustainability or food supplies in the 21st Century, Daniel Rirdam takes another bold step. In The Blueprint – averting the global collapse, he shares his mitigation plan, based on inputs from a myriad of research sources. 20% of the book are made up of notes referring to external documentation. Measures that can be taken in the next years with technology presently available and able for large scale implementation. Sustainable development, environmental protection, global warming prevention and renewable energy sources make up this body of knowledge, illustrated with countless statistics, examples and best practices from over the world. Taking the current climate changes, Earth’s population and our needs for food, work, transportation and leisure as a start, Rirdan explores ways to cut energy consumption by a factor of 10. Lower-impact technologies, reduced ecological footprint by providing smarter ways to generate energy (nuclear, solor, wind), build and make use of land (crops, alternating grazing, wise choises to deploy energy generation and consumption). There are many ways for nutrient and water recycling, the whole food system is reinvented and wilderness brought back. From electric cars, new electricity grids, passiv houses, photovoltaic energy production, lessons from Chernobyl and Fukoshima, to new building codes and the use of perennial grains: the plan is audacious, casting aside sacred cows and calling for measures that will impinge upon our comfort. It cuts through the haze, with immediately employable solutions.

It goes the distance, using myriad computations and models to validate the content. The intent here is a makeover of the manmade world within fifteen years. The author envisions a world government, in addition to existing governments and not replacing them, to implement the blueprint, elaborating further on the schemes and intermediary states in this book. Coherence is important, because each choice impact (the outcome of) others. This is a call to action for all the grownups out there to knuckle down and buckle up. It asks of us to do the job that the adolescents of the past left for the adults of the present to handle. It is time we steer our civilization on a new course.

About the author

Daniel Rirdan is a global strategist who is the founder of The Exploration Company where he has directed product development, pioneering sophisticated interactive world maps. Raised in Israel and a world traveller, Rirdan is an international lecturer with a special interest in world ecology challenges and solutions. Daniel has a sophisticated, firsthand, and on-the-ground grasp of world challenges. A prodigy who published his first science fiction novel at the age of 15 and a trained educator, he brings his writing skills, his teaching skills, and his futurist orientation to The Blueprint, the first book to articulate the full measure of the ecological problems we face–and what we can do to solve them. Daniel Rirdan lives with his wife and two children in Lafayette, Colorado.

I received an advance review copy through the publisher Corinnopress via Netgalley to provide you an honest review.