A.K. Alexander – The Cartel

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Meet 2 powerful South American drug patrons Antonio Espinoza and Javier Rodriguez, their families, business and hunger for women and power. The story begins with a love affair for a young woman, Marta Peña, in Costa Careyes, Mexico in 1969 and moves on during the next 3 decennia. In a sweeping family saga, you’ll get to know family secrets, children killing their parents, women striving for their own rights and position among these corrupt and mighty men. The Cartel has some intriguing twists to keep your attention. In the end family loyalty is all that counts, despite all costs. Antonio, the pater familias ultimately brings everyone and everything together, as he did in the past. Though the conversations and phrases are kept simple, I really enjoyed reading this saga.


About the author

A.K. Alexander is an international bestselling author. Her books have hit top 10 bestseller lists on The Wall Street Journal, Amazon, IndieReader, and Barnes & Noble. The author also writes lighter mystery and women’s fiction under the name Michele Scott. CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos included A.K. Alexander as one out of five Indie authors to be one of the major Amazon success stories of 2012 in his letter to Amazon’s shareholders. Several of her books have been optioned for film and TV by Circle of Confusion who are the same producers of The Walking Dead and Mad Men. With twenty books published and no end in site, she is a prolific and popular author. She resides in San Diego, Ca with her family and their many animals.