Mark Miller – The 30-Day Leadership Management Course

For those interested in leadership and management topics without yearning to read another pile of books, Mark G. Miller’s The 30-Day Leadership Management Course: A Practical Guide to Better Leadership is worth checking out. Nothing new, but the format into 30 short chapters along 4 main themes is practical. In only one month you’re refreshed or introduced into self esteem, leadership style assessment, organization culture awareness, and knowledge of your team. In reverse order: strengths and challenges of individuals and teams, balancing roles and personalities, plus team building activities. Cultural topics touch celebrating success, detoxifying the workplace, get rid of bullies, honor respect, integrity, understanding priorities, commitment to company goals, and effective communication.

When it comes to leadership Miller pays attention to listening skills, motivating people, problem-solving and decision-making as well as training and development needs and providing performance feedback. It all begins with you. What are your core values? What’s your personal mission statement? Think of personal accountability, servant leadership and vulnerability.

Past the 30 pieces of the leadership puzzle there are always more resources to learn from. Miller has references to Peter Drucker, Warren Bennis, Douglas McGregor, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey and John C. Maxwell. Established thinkers and inspirational for further reading and understanding the wonderful field of leadership and management.

About the author

Mark G. Miller takes his life experiences in the business world and translates them into simple and practical terms to helps others to become key leaders and managers in any business context.