Jeremy Goldman – Going Social

Going Social, subtitled: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media is Jeremy Goldman’s collection of good and better practices for online marketers, bloggers and community managers. No theory, models or graphics, but endless tips, hard figures and guest blogs to spice up the core message. If you’re not social, it’s like you’re not even there. That’s how critical social media marketing has become. What to do with KPI’s? How much is a Facebook “like” worth? Can you measure ROI? How can you effectively engage online influencers? What are the best dashboards for monitoring multiple social channels simutaneously? How do you keep it all going around the clock?

In Going Social, Goldman explains the ins-and-outs of platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Examples from Kiehl’s, Temptu and Jurlique, companies Goldman worked for in the past decade keep the book practical but serious as well. Strategy, engagement, content, customer centric business, turn your employees into marketers, ROI as well as avoiding pitfalls, deal with crises and preserving your reputation are covered. How can you succesfully engage influential bloggers to build a brand online? The value of IRL follow-up, such as Mashable Connect or the way pitches have to be done, it’s all in the book. This gives you opportunities to breathe new life into brands, spread the word about your products and services and magnify customer loyalty.

Though bound in time and currency of tools and platforms, Going Social brought me some new insights. Its down-to-earth approach is much valued.

Jeremy Goldman is currently AVP of Interactive Communications for iluminage (the beauty of smart), a Unilever subsidiary he helped found.

As an engaged blogger and book reviewer, I received a complimentary review copy through Netgalley, a company that’s gone social too, with only one obligation: write an honest review 🙂