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I must say I really had a difficult time getting into Hot Stuff’s story. But when it finally grabbed me, I had difficulty laying the (e)book away. The story tells us about the main character Eugene (he doesn’t like this name, so he likes to be called Skip) Moore. He tells us the story from his perspective. He has a girlfriend Emily and a roommate James Lesser who is also his partner in his private investigation business.

One night Emily buys him dinner at L’Elfe, a very posh restaurant. One of the sous chefs there is Emily’s friend Amanda Wright. And then the story begins, because what should have been a little celebration, ends in the murder of Emily’s friend. The owners of the restaurant Sophia and Jean Bouvier (also a famous tv cook) who lost a son a few years ago drug-related matter, want to know who the killer is and decide to employ Skip and James. It is very convenient, that James has had a training as a cook. Therefore he replaces Amanda. The missing dishwasher is being replaced by Skip.

Whether Skip and James discover who murdered Amanda and if Emily stays Skips girlfriend, I won’t disclose. But gradually Skip and James discover that Amanda was not the nice person she pretended to be and that was a police business in Emily’s history, which also included Amanda.

When reading the novel, one can’t help to think: “How on earth are these two going to manage to stay alive and discover the truth.” As said, at first I had difficulty to get intrigued. Gradually, on knowing the characters better, I liked the story very much. At some points, the story is a little bit unbelievable but then again: sometimes the truth is harder to believe then a story.

About the author

Don Bruns has many talents, like writing, making music, writing songs, painting and cooking, among other. He has now published two series of books, one a Caribbean thriller collection and the other the Stuff-collection, showcasing the un-stoppable yet bumbling young private investigators, James Lessor and Skip Moore, and his “music series” features rock and roll writer Mick Severs. Don and his wife, Linda, live in South Florida.

About the Publisher

Oceanview Publishing is an independent book publisher headquartered in Florida. Oceanview is a proud member of the International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America. You can find them on Facebook.

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