Craig Odanovich – Hanging by a Thread

Hanging by a Thread is part 3 in  the Black Widow Trainer Series by Craig Odanovich. Labeled as an erotic adventure novel, I’d drop the third part to be honest. Misty, the Black Widow Trainer, personal trainer to the mighty and influentials around the world, bound to sleep only once with every client, has another assignment. Misty heads to Las Vegas to train Salvatore, a high-powered casino owner. She has to take in an apprentice, Monique, gorgeous to see and practically experienced in every detail. Salvatore is up to something, which makes the trip to Las Vegas dangerous. When Gary & Misty win an enormous amount of money in Salvatore’s casino, the latter starts a hunt to trace down Misty & friends.

They escape to the beautiful Virgin Islands, where they reunite with Captain Kev and Miniature Mike, two memorable clients from  Misty’s Alaska adventure. Looking for a hidden treasure, they find themselves trapped on an island, when Salvatore’s men arrive to take Misty with them (alive).

The adventure is filled up with sexual encounters of every kind and with every man and woman around. I expected some more detailed personalities. Personal training is never worked out once, a superficial self-reflection at some points of the book, especially after the death of Sam, a life’s offer to help friends escape from the mafia types. Perfect for a holiday reading. To quote the author: “It wouldn’t make for a good fantasy if I wrote about everyone’s daily lives.”

I received a free digital review copy through Netgalley to write an honest review without any other obligations.