Jonathan Hall – The Ultimate Comprehensive Bible Timeline

In lots of Bibles you find some rudimental timelines or footnotes indicating the time when a story happened. In 2009 I bought the NKJV Chronological Study Bible, that has all Bible books and stories places in chronological order. The Ultimate Comprehensive Bible Timeline provides a precise timeline of people and events in the Bible. The book includes 7 horizontal timelines and 39 charts to illustrate significant chronological issues. Additionally, a year-by-year timeline from 1949 BC to 70 AD is provided so that the precise counting of the years can be visually verified.

Reverend Jonathan Hall is a graduate of Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana, and Ashland Theological SeminaryAshland, Ohio.  Since graduating, he has primarily ministered within the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. This fellowship is made up of independent Bible-believing evangelical churches rooted in the Brethren movement, birthed in Germany by Alexander Mack in 1708. In 1995, Hall felt an intense desire to thoroughly study Bible chronology for several reasons. This included the desire to provide a coherent Bible-based timeline as a part of an overall consistent, historically accurate, biblical worldview. The Ultimate Comprehensive Bible Timeline is the result of that study.

Hall reviews in detail the 4 most commonly promoted chronologies, the one produced by Archbishop James Usher (1600’s), the currently most accepted evangelical timeline charted by Dr. John Whitcomb (1960’s), the current secular timeline as it relates to the Bible, and the official Jewish timeline.

Although the book charts only 4,000 years from the Fall of Adam to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, all the verses and related issues to support this conclusion are provided. It clarifies the most troubling chronological passages and testifies to the historical strength of the Bible. Believers that want to know when the Flood happened, when Daniel, David or Saul lived, when Moses parted the Red Sea or Jesus was born, are served.

Student and teachers digging deeper and eager on genealogies, series of kings and rulers and clarifying the grand story of the Bible will find their information too. A clear understanding of the actual times people lived and events happened prevent ridiculous explanations of biblical prophecies, doubt on the age of mankind and useless discussions on the reliability of the Bible itself.

You learn more about the Sabbath, Sabbath Year, the Jewish festivities and their timing compared to our calendar. Ever wanted to understand the 70 weeks of Daniel or wondered why Jesus’ birth must be dated as 1 BC? The Ultimate Comprehensive Bible Timeline affirms that the 1-day 1,000-year, 6-day 6,000-year pattern is prophetically meaningful, and includes a chronological outline of the book of Revelation. A great study resource!

I received a complimentary ebook from NetGalley for my honest review.