Ferry Frank – Greed – How human attitude affects planet earth

Humans brought much harm to the planet since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Greed is a common denominator and the reason for Ferry Frank (in real life: Cor Hilak) to use this title for his compilation of historical and present facts and figures. His explanation why mankind’s behaviour is so hostile to life takes you along colonization, apartheid, slavery, taxes, mining, gold, wars, religion and economics. Entropy is according to Frank the main result.

As for the whole universe, there are physical laws that rule the destiny of our planet. From thermodynamics we know of the strive for maximum entropy of all matter. In short, matter has to spread out and dissipate into the universe. In the very same way as  the universe does itself. And as we are part of the universe, we too are subject to this law.

We as humans can make a choice. Frank invites his readers to use modern communication tools to spread the message of the needed climate change (in both personal, local and global senses) to get away from greed, growing out of the I want it all and I want it now way of life, attitude. Al Gore’s book Our Choice (2009) served as an inspiration.

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