Andrew Hessel – The Do-Over

I think everyone wants a second chance every once in a while, to do things differently  then when we first got the chance. I know, I would occasionally. The Do-Over is about Kimberly Ann Kessler, also known as Kiki Kessler. Kiki is studying at college, together with her friend Jenna and also shares an apartment with her.

By chance, she returns home for the holidays a day late. She comes home, and finds her family murdered by Morris Biggs jr, also known as Little Mo. In fact, Little Mo also attacks her and almost beats her to dead. Luckily, she is found in time and recovers in the hospital. Then she learns, that Little Mo, has had a terrible youth, and unfortunately still has an abusive father. His mother died (was murdered by his father but that is a fact which we learn when reading the book) when he was five and after that the abuse and neglect starts even more. The neglect results in a life threatening fever, and when he is finally admitted in the hospital, it is touch and go for a while. Everlasting result from the fever, is a very damaged brain.

Kiki gets the chance from the guardian, to travel in time and to make a change which will affect the outcome in the future. After thorough research en preparation with friend Jenna and friend of her father, Clark Bannion, who is also a lawyer, Kiki goes back in time by using a bracelet. To find out, if it all works out, you surely must read the story yourself.

The topic of time travelling is very interesting. In this story many, but not all consequences were mentioned (can you ever without being very dull and tedious?). In my opinion, the story (certainly at the beginning) was sometimes a bit dull and tedious because of the long and extensive descriptions of everything and everyone.

Then, after reading about the half of the book, things get quite interesting and the story seems to get a grasp on you. My conclusion: all, it is a nice book to read. Not brilliant, but very nice and certainly recommendable.

About the author

After a successful career as a newspaper executive for some of the country’s largest media companies, Andrew Hessel began writing fiction five years ago. Home is Portland, Oregon, but he and his wife are Midwest transplants – St. Louis and Chicago. He and Lynne have four children, five grandchildren, and an old black lab. He is the author of the Cups Drayton crime thriller Series, and The Do-Over is the first installment in the Kiki Kinsler Series. Andrew’s passions are family, writing, reading, sports, food, and Labradors. To learn more about Andrew and his novels, please visit

I received a complimentary e-book copy from Andrew Hessel to review without obligations to bypass my personal impressions.