Yosef Gotlieb – Rise: A Novel of Contemporary Israel

In Rise, A Novel of Contemporary Israel, writer, scholar, and activist Dr. Yosef Gotlieb describes the emergence of a grassroots Israeli movement Rise to counter the violence and social ills and uphold the prophetic tradition of justice, equality, and tolerance for all citizens. Gotlieb uses the various forms of nationalist and religious extremism in both Israel and the Territories, international pressure on Israel, recent wars and developments in his storyline.

An internationally acclaimed photo-essayist, Lilah Kedem traveled the world as an advocate for outcasts –boat people off the coasts of Indochina and Haiti, Sudanese orphans of genocide, dispossessed peasants in the Yucatan. She leaves her comfort zone to make aliyah and return to Israel, the land of her birth. Shortly after her arrival Lilah witnesses an attack on an Arab woman in Yaffa and nearly escapes a bomb attack on the coastal road from Tel Aviv to Haifa. What can be done to stop the violence? Can Jews and Arabs live together peacefully?

While establishing a modern Peace movement, attacks continue, killing lots of innocent people. A group called The Sons of Gideon claim responsibility. Lilah wants to hunt them down, but  Eli Zedek, security agent has the same goal. A powerful combination of whodunnit, thriller, suspects, complot theory, love story, visits to hotspots of both Israel’s nature and history, and spiritual restoration makes Rise a beautifully composed novel.

Both hunters search and finally find personal and societal redemption. Rise also offers a message of hope for peaceful coexistence among Jews and Arabs. Watch the book’s trailer below.