Mark DeMoss – The Little Red Book of Wisdom

Mark DeMoss, president of the DeMoss Group, a public relations firm he founded in 1991 specifically to serve Christian organizations and causes, gathered his insights for living wisely from history, Scripture, and a lifetime of listening. DeMoss reads every single day a chapter of Proverbs, but knows his other consultants, writers and providers of one-liners as well. In his revised 2011 edition of the 2007 original DeMoss serves short chapters on a variety of topics. In Part One your professional life is enriched with guidance on getting out of your comfort zone, taking time to be alone and think, less is more and implementing a winning corporate culture.

The Little Red Book of Wisdom offers principles for personal application as well. God owns it all, there’s no degree in integrity, first things first (celebrate Sunday, celebrate morning devotionals and tithing), listening instead of speaking, seeking wisdom of aged people. Avoid regrettable moments, make wise choices on drinking and being alone with a woman that’s not your wife.

DeMoss draws from his Christian background and urges his reader to become a fellow believer as well, to read from the Bible every day to grow in your new relationship. Get a translation of the Bible you can easily understand, and consider beginning with the New Testament book of John for a clear account of the life of Jesus and His message. God speaks to us through the Bible; and we can speak to Him in prayer every day, anytime, wherever we are. That may be outside your comfort zone, but the wisest choice you can make in your life.