Mark Mynheir – The Corruptible

The Corruptible, written by ‘copwriter’ Mark Mynheir, is a lovely detective-story about private investigator Ray Quinn, a former homicide detective. Ray Quinn is assisted by Crevis, who had a bad childhood and currently is studying for a written test for the police academy. Because he is dyslectic and had little education when he was a child, it is hard on him. He is grateful for the help of Pam Winters, the sister of the victim in Night Watchman (The Corruptible is a sequel to The Night Watchman), and meanwhile a good friend of both Quinn as Crevis. He is still recovering from a shooting 18 months ago, which made an end to his police career, and killed the love of his life who was also his police partner.  Unfortunately, sometimes Ray thinks that Jim Beam is a fine medicine.

Quinn is called in on a case of corporate espionage. The accused employee is an old colleague of Ray, back in his police days. Due to undercover work, Logan becomes an alcohol addict en after solving his under cover job, he messes up at a drug deal. After that, he is fired and becomes a security officer at a financial corporation.

Of course, not everything is what it seems. The outcome is quite unexpected, and even more cases than expected are solved. The book is well written and a pleasure to read. Even hard to lay aside, when gripped by the story. Some detective stories are reasonably predictable, but not this one. I can surely recommend it and look forward to read another story by Mark Mynheir.

Mark is a former Marine who’s worked in law enforcement over twenty years. He began his career with the Cocoa Beach Police Department and shortly after that moved to the Palm Bay Police Department, where he currently works as a homicide / violent crimes detective. In his career, Mark has worked as a Patrol Officer, an Undercover Narcotics Agent, a S.W.A.T. team member, as well as a Homicide Detective.

Mark has parlayed his police experiences into a successful speaking and writing career. He has written articles for Focus on the Family‘s Breakaway magazine and Lookout magazine and is the also the author of four novels.