Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller & Kelly Long – An Amish Wedding

Three Amish women yearn for the perfect wedding. An Amish wedding contains 3 novellas, written by different authors:

A perfect secret’s story is about Rose Bender and Luke Lantz. Lifelong friends and neighbours. It seems a very logical step that they should marry. But Rose seems to miss something: Romance, passion? Is it wise, that she accepted Luke’s wedding proposal? And, what is his secret? Why does Luke put on English clothes at night and goes to the woods? Rose is in doubt.

Then the second novella, A perfect match. The main characters are Naomi King and Zeke Lapp. Naomi was in love with David, but he went away to earn money for the wedding and met another girl and married her. Needless to say, that Naomi was very hurt and has great difficulty to trust her heart again. Zeke lives in Middlefield, Ohio and visits Paradise on the occasion of the wedding of Chester and Priscilla (remember these names). He immediately likes Naomi and her baking skills, so he does his best to win her heart. Then his father has an accident and he has to return to Middlefield. Will Naomi’s heart be broken again?

The third novella is A perfect plan by Beth Wiseman. Chester Lapp and Priscilla King are about the be married. But a lot goes wrong before the wedding. There are problems building the house, baby sister Sarah Mae “uses” the bridal gown of Priscilla to sow some clothes for her doll, and so on.

They have so many setbacks, that they are doubting whether they should get married at all. Fortunately, they go ahead and they have a beautiful wedding day. What I like in these novella’s is that you meet the same persons in the different novella’s, although written by different persons. The novellas are easy to read and very nice. I’ve read more novels about the Amish way of life and these novels are no different.

The first two stories mention the wedding of Zeke and Priscilla, which ofcourse is the main event in the third novella. I can surely recommend this book. By the way, I most certainly enjoyed reading the Amish recipes. I’ll be sure to try them one day!