Joshua Harris – Dug Down Deep

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Dug Down Deep provides a systematic theology in a very readable and relevant format. Best-selling author Joshua Harris and pastor of Covenant Life Church shares his own journey from apathetic church-kid to student with a burning passion to truly know God. With humor and insight Harris covers the basics of right thinking about God (orthodoxy) instead of just another teaching or specific subject (doctrine). He starts off with the rumspringa among Amish, the cultural period of time in which youngsters can do everything that’s forbidden to make up their minds and choose a future. Far more important are life’s choices about God and the way to follow Him. Will you build your house on a sandy beach, or dig down deep, reach the rock of salvation and build your life upon it? God is near, but not in your pocket. He is the Creator of the Universe, but loves His world and cares about you. He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to this world to serve us and take our punishment. Why? Because our sins couldn’t make an open relationship with God possible. We have to be set free. God’s Word, the Bible tells us so. The Bible teaches us about God, His people, plan and will. Jesus Christ is unique, He’s the only way we can take to reach Father God. We need to revert from our own ways and lay down our life to be able to be born again. This change invokes a daily life of sanctification, not always progressive. There’s a ‘not yet’ part in our holy life. As third Person of the godly Trinity the Holy Spirit has had a lot of bad press. He’s dead according to some, or only works through signs and miracles according to others. But He’s alive and working in people’s lives. Don’t overspiritualize spiritual gifts, but serve and you’ll be equipped by God. Then Harris explains God’s plan for believers: the rise and influence of His Bride, the Church. If we truly know and embrace orthodoxy, it should humble us. A great way to present and practice Christianity!