Bobby Conway – Hell, Rob Bell, and What Happens When People Die

Love Wins, a controversial bestselling book by Rob Bell (Founding Pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, a mega church in Grand Rapids, MI) caused many reactions. One of life’s most important questions is what happens when people die? Do you have to be a faithful child of God during your life, or is there still hope afterwards? Bell’s sure: love will win, God’s grace is extended in the afterlife. No matter what life people live on earth, you can be saved even after death. Bell presents a salvation so wide and so deep that eventually all residents of hell would potentially taste the hope of heaven. Rob Bell’s explanation of Bible texts only take the love part, not the ones on God’s righteousness, God’s final judgement and hell as a reality, just as heaven is. Bobby Conway (founder of Life Fellowship Church in Charlotte and visionary founder and host of the One-Minute Apologist, a creative You Tube ministry designed to give quick answers to curious questions) proves Bell’s wrong standpoints from in his latest apologetical work: Hell, Rob Bell, and What Happens When People Die.

Yes, Love really does win, according to Conway, but it’s only through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Everyone who believes and trusts in Christ has no need to fear the anguish of hell but can confidently anticipate the eternal joy of heaven. Rob Bell’s message is positive, his church’s theology sounds good, his thesis: ‘there is no hell’ is rejected firmly. While no Christian honestly likes the idea of hell, we don’t have the right to redefine God’s Word to make it more palatable. Many factors contributed to the church’s silence about hell:

  • Hell is seldom preached from the pulpit.
  • Many church leaders are closet Universalists – believing that everyone is going to heaven (just attend a random funeral service of a person, believer or not-believer to get that idea).
  • Christians are embarrassed by the doctrine of hell.
  • It’s considered politically incorrect to talk about hell.
  • Pluralism, relativism, and a tolerance-based society have intimidated the church.
  • The internet has seemingly shrunk our world, making it hard to believe that some in cultures dominated by other religions will spend an eternity in hell.

Bell writes “Has God created millions of people….who are going to spend eternity in anguish? Can God do this….and still claim to be a loving God?” It’s a known pattern: man thinks to be wiser than God and redefines Him to his own image. God’s to blame for all things bad: war, sickness, death, earthquakes, because “if God is love, then why….”. And so, a small step away is denial of God’s truth, His characteristics….and be on your own. But we can’t put God on trial, He is much bigger than our imagination. And when He teaches us about heaven and hell, sin and redemption, truth and lies, blessing and cursing, acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ’s offer for us, we have to surrender and accept 100% of God’s word. Bobby Conway takes his readers back to the full Biblical teaching about hell and what happens when people die. May lots of (non-)believers find the truth in time.