Max Lucado – Max On Life

New York Times best-selling author Max Lucado shares Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions in Max on Life. As you can imagine lots of readers, church members have written to Max in the past years expecting an answer. Some of them were covered in other books, others weren’t published until Max on Life. Lucado’s latest book is divided into 7 H’s: Hope (God, grace, the reason why we’re here on earth), Hurt (conflicts, calamities, why me?), Help (prayer, Bible reading, why church?), Him/Her (sex, romance, marriage, divorce, homosexual relations), Home (raising children, disagreements), Have/Have-nots (money, career choices, what’s wise?) and Hereafter (heaven, hell, who goes where?). 172 questions get answers in a one-page format. Soundbites, one liners, references to most applicable Bible verses, some personal examples or suitable detours. This structure has a downside: when all of life seems to get covered in this book, why turn to the Bible? Max Lucado knows it all, as doctor Phil on tv. With even an addendum on writing a book, few of life’s challenging questions seem untouched. From the best advice you can share with your daughter prior to her wedding day, reasons to stay from watching porn, thoughts on homosexual relationships, salvation, church membership, housekeeping, career steps and eternal destination of suicide victims. One clear insight sticks after reading Max on Life: one worries too much. And don’t forget: life’s larger than a single book can cover.