Kyle Rote Jr & Joe Pettigrew – Living Life In The Zone

In The Zone is a new American event for Christian men. This ministry, founded by Kyle Rote Jr and Joe Pettigrew, focuses on four topics central to the life of today’s man: balance (making it all fit), life at work, differences between men and women and fatherhood. Notably absent is the church, as earthly body of Christ and community of believers. In The Zone, therefore withdraws men from church and present them a self-help 40-day devotional: Living Life In The Zone. Since sports are important and success stories of sportsmen, especially those who happen to be fellow Christians as well, attract both visitors to the Zone events and this ‘spritual game plan’. Each day’s reading is divided into seven categories that are intended to help you with your spiritual growth and relations to wife & family, and co-workers:

  • thought of the day: a short idea to ponder
  • the coach’s corner: what’s God teaching you
  • the game plan: how can God’s word be applied to today’s topic
  • playmakers: real-life examples of real athletes
  • time out: questions for personal reflection
  • today’s assignment: action items
  • home-field advantage: count your blessings and leave your concerns with God

From Seek ye first the Kingdom of God (Day 1), Talk the talk, walk the walk with your children (Day 5) to sex life improvements (Day 10), unconditional love for your wife (Day 14) to pondering questions like ‘If your friends follow you, where will they end up?’ (Day 27) and ‘Is daily bread all you really need?’ (Day 33) to the the top: I Will Now Be A Better Man (Day 40). As a European reader I don’t have any familiarity with featured playmakers like Charles Barkley, Bill Bates, Reggie White or coach John Wooden, and tens of other famous men over there in the US. Yes, of course names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, O.J. Simpson and Wayne Huizenga (due to his Dutch origins) have a richer appeal. To be helpful in a small group of men setting, the deviotional also has discussion questions for each of the covered relevant topics. I appreciate the variety of topics, the importance placed on friendships, family life and unconditional love for your wife, with Christ loving his Church as ultimate example.