Bryant Wright – Seeds of Turmoil

In Seeds of Turmoil, subtitled The Biblical Roots of the Inevitable Crisis in the Middle East, Bryant Wright, founding pastor of the 7500+ members Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, explores root causes for the past and current controversies between Jews and Arabs, Muslims and Christians, Christians and Jews, and anomisity inside Muslims groups. God has favorites, and human intervening choices have an impact that lasts for centuries. Abraham‘s choice to get a child from Hagar, Rebecca’s choice to deceive Isaac, Jacob‘s choice to steal the first-born rights from Esau. God is graceful too. From His compassion for Hagar, the promises made and kept towards Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to His blessings on Ishmael and Esau. Wright shows respect to Muslims and their perspective on the Holy Land, but also shows clearly from the Bible why Muhammad and later Muslims behave like they do. The author also focuses on the role of Jesus Christ, His first and second coming and the consequences for the current Middle East crisis. The Jewish perspective and the role of foreign rulers, the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, pieces of the puzzle, that may have been a blurred image since Sunday school classes or a biased reading of newspapers. The book contains timelines, a register of relevant names and places and a study and discussion guide about each chapter. The Middle East is not a hopeless case, Israel not forgotten, but God is still in control, as millennia of human history clearly shows.