Bryan Curtis – Classic Wisdom for the Professional Life

Classic wisdom for professional lifeClassic Wisdom for the Professional Life is a collection of quotes, one-liners and proverbs that help you at dull moments in your career or just the need for a strong motivational phrase in your next presentation. There are quotes on work, leadership, character, success, problems and money from a variety of politicians, celebrities, former leaders and obscure ones. Pick your favorites from people like John D. Rockefeller, Colin Powell, Dwight D. Eisenhower, L.L. Bean, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Ford or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Classic wisdom…is a great gift book, helpful to start each day or end your e-mails with an ‘original’ signature. I just picked a couple to give you an impression: “All you need is love…and some comprehensive technology!” (Bono), “Ability is of little account without opportunity” (Lucille Ball) and “The best work never was and never will be done for money” (John Ruskin).