Raymond C. Hundley – Will The World End in 2012?

In Will the World End in 2012?, Raymond Hundley, gives a Christian evaluation of the ten most prominent apocalypse theories causing 2012 mania, both offline and online. He touches in short chapters after a possible scenario, the basic tenets of the theories and claims, followed by a judgement and conclusion. Ancient Mayan priests, Nostradamus, Nancy Lieder‘s Collision with Planet X, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (…it just ate my planet), the super volcano beneath NP Yellowstone and several religious prophecies. Will 2012 really be the end of human history or a major breakthrough into another era? The author answers with an ‘it could, but it might not’. Hundley doesn’t give much value to outer space interventions or web bots. However, volcanoes, solar flares or the return of Jesus Christ could make an end of the earth as we know it. In the end the booklet has a profound christian message of hope, repentance and delivery through faith in Jesus Christ. Whether He’s returning in 2012, 2032 or tomorrow, every day can be your last day. Just as Larry Norman sang I Wish We’d All Been Ready in 1969, Hundley gives Christians an opportunity to reach out to their family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, no matter what happens in 2012.

You can read the book at Scribd (thanks to publisher ThomasNelson)