Douglas LeBlanc – Tithing: test me in this

Douglas LeBlanc’s latest book in the Ancient Practices Series, Tithing: Test me in this covers the for many delicate subject of tithing. Rather than providing biblical exegesis on this topic LeBlanc briefly only briefly touched the practice in the Introduction. The main part of his book consists of interviews with a variety of people who actually do tithe and enjoy the blessings that followed their faith. Whether they are Episcopal priests, striving for a simple live, do missional work in New Orleans after Katrina struck, Protestants or Catholics, there is a common ground. A legalistic approach doesn’t work. It’s a matter of the heart and discipline, not a matter which percentage of your gross or net income. Tithing implies understanding the the essence of God: giving (Ed Bacon), and the search of treasures in heaven (Randy Alcorn). Mammon is competing for your soul with God. You can take your blessings and lay them at God’s feet, or you can be consumed by them (John & Sylvia Ronsvalle). Stewardship is a thanksgiving to God, so Thomas McGread sums it all up in the Epilogue.