Earl Henslin – This Is Your Brain In Love

This is your brain in loveDr. Earl Henslin wrote This Is Your Brain In Love – New Scientific Breakthroughs for a More Passionate and Emotionally Healthy Marriage for all the lovers doubting whether it’s just their soul mate‘s problem, age, personality or whatever other reason for their damaged love life. Henslin leans heavily on brain imaging research pioneer Daniel Amen to clarify the physiscal brain-related causes. He identifies the five types of lovers with problems: scattered lover (attention deficit disorder), over-focused lover (self-immersed), blue mood lover (never looking on the bright side of life), agitated lover (beware!) and the anxious lover (afraid of everything). Written from a christian perspective Henslin offers insights, humor, and numerous solutions, consisting of food (supplements), specific drugs as well as good practices such as forgiveness, kindness, music and a gaze of love. Bonus material includes checklists for each of the 5 types, a joy diet and tips for men struggling with sexual additions and women facing their hormones attack. Relatioship-enhancing advices are here to improve a troubled marriage, fuel the fires of passion and keep a life-long love alove. Who would still prefer a divorce ?