apr 18 2015

Onthullend: Sarah trouwde niet Abraham!

Klazien_uitnodiging SaraVandaag 50 jaar geleden werd Klaziena Visscher geboren in een boerderij aan de 1e Schansweg in de Vinkenbuurt , gemeente Ommen. Vandaag Sarah en dus het weinig omhullende onthullende nieuws, dat Sarah niet met Abraham getrouwd is, maar sinds 1 mei 1998 met mij :) En het duurt nog een half decennium eer ik Abraham zie.

De eerste Sarah is er.

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apr 17 2015

Eliyahu M. Goldratt & Jeff Cox – The Goal

The-goal-bookcoverWhereas I encountered Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints in various meetings on planning, and project management conferences, I never read The Goal (1986), until now. In 2014 I bought a stack of classic management books from Henk Jan Kamsteeg (author, coach, Communications & Marketing manager at In Justice Mission Netherlands). One of that books: the Dutch translation of The Goal. The Theory of Constraints packed in a novel, part facing tough production issues, part love story. Both marriage and work have their challenges. It’s up to Alex Rogo to find solutions. Jonah is his coach, practicing Socratic questioning. What proves to be common sense may be so difficult to find. How to streamline production processes, avoiding waste, unneeded stocks, and become profitable again? Learn the 5 important steps of the Theory of Constraints from a as real as possible live situation.

If you still want to wait for the movie. Good news:


About the author

Eli Goldratt is an educator, author, scientist, philosopher, and business leader. But he is, first and foremost, a thinker who provokes others to think. Often characterized as unconventional, stimulating, and “a slayer of sacred cows,” Dr. Goldratt exhorts his audience to examine and reassess their business practices with a fresh, new vision.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Tel Aviv University and his Masters of Science, and Doctorate of Philosophy from Bar-Ilan University. In addition to his pioneering work in Business Management and education, he holds patents in a number of areas ranging from medical devices to drip irrigation to temperature sensors.

He is the author of “THE GOAL“, an underground best seller that utilizes a non-traditional approach to convey important business information–it is a business textbook written in novel form, disguised as a love story. The ideas illustrated in “THE GOAL” underscore Dr. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints, an overall framework for helping businesses determine:

What to change—what is the leverage point

What to change to—what are the simple, practical solutions

How to cause the change—overcoming the inherent resistance to change.
In the subject of production, Dr. Goldratt also wrote Production the TOC Way, a self-learning kit for manufacturers interested in applying TOC techniques and spreading them within their companies..

Dr. Goldratt wrote the sequel to The Goal, It’s Not Luck. All aspects of the corporate structure are revealed in his unique way, as the Theory of Constraints peels away the common nonsense and reveals what lies hidden beneath our inertia.

Eli Goldratt’s novel, “Critical Chain”, reveals the reasons projects never finish on time or within budget or within specs, and develops an alternate TOC approach to managing projects. The action in Critical Chain takes place in a university setting and also deals with the problem facing academic institutions with large graduate business programs – MBA programs that are not producing what businesses need.

In addition, he has written several other books; The Race, What is this thing called TOC, The Haystack Syndrome. He is a frequent contributor to scientific journals, magazines and business publications and sits on several editorial boards.

One of Goldratt‘s masterpiece is an eight session educational series: the Goldratt Satellite Program (now available on CD-ROM and soon on DVD). This series is a common sense approach to business that provides a global picture that illustrates how functions/departments fit together allowing managers to obtain a solid grasp of seeing the company as a whole. Through this series a common language and understanding is acquired which will enhance the quality of decision making, improve communication and stimulate new solutions, providing benefits for the entire company.

Dr. Goldratt‘s latest book, Necessary but not sufficient was published in the Fall of 2000. This novel reveals that although new technology may be necessary in order to make major improvements, this technology is not sufficient to achieve results. Technology, by itself, does not make, but simply allows or creates opportunity for reality to change. For sufficiency, the rules must also be changed.

In October 2003, Dr. Goldratt revised the Production TOC Way with Simulator making it Windows compatible and showing how to jump the performance in production with the managerial know-how, the logistical know-how, and equally important the psychological know-how.

Eli Goldratt’s latest masterpiece is the TOC Insights. Developed with Avraham (Rami) Goldratt the TOC INSIGHTS cover all the aspects of logistics (Operations; Finance and Measurements; Project Management and Engineering; Distribution and Supply-Chain). This material not only outlines the details of all the logistical applications of the Theory Of Constraints, but is as digestible as The Goal;

apr 16 2015

Mind in a Box – Memories

mindboxmemoriesMemories, het 6e studioalbum van de Oostenrijkse synthpop band Mind.in.a.box, heeft er al weer heel wat speelbeurten opzitten. Ooit heb ik Revelations op de kop getikt als kennismaking. Singer/songwriter Stefan Poss was de laatste 3 jaar druk met zijn side-project THYX, maar heeft tijd vrijgemaakt voor zijn maat Markus Hadwiger om samen een nieuw conceptalbum in elkaar te zetten. Memories werd beïnvloed door Blade Runner en A Scanner Darkly. Melancholisch en toch niet hopeloos. Zo zingt Poiss in Unforgiving World “deep down inside me, I have this little piece of hope. that someday I’ll find my place, in this unforgiving world.” Opener Travel Guide en afsluiter 5nchr0ni7e zijn uitgesproken verhalen om je mee op filmische reis te nemen langs de 5 stages of grief. Relatief lange, uitgesponnen thema’s. Face It met slechts 3:06 is de enige uitzondering.

In het met gitaren aangevulde Silent Pain: “Suddenly I feel a pain, my mind still struggling to resist. Suddenly I can remember, it hits me hard, it’s all coming back.” Instrumentatie is bijbehorend donker. Zangpartijen gaan geregeld door een vocoder. Zo klinkt Stefan in I Knew eerder een vrouw dan zichzelf. De sound zit dan ook dichter tegen industrial en EBM dan retro synthpop of meer tegen – zoals de eerste drie Mind.in.a.box albums – trance aanzittende electronica aan. Van de als Synchronize uitgebrachte single, de vele lagen synthesizer patterns zijn indrukwekkend, werd ook een videoclip gemaakt.

Na het ruimtelijk klinkende, mid-tempo Bad Dreams, het ook met videoclip voorziene Timelessness, het met 80’s synths gedramatiseerde Face It en het met spraakzang gevulde Up There leidt naar een toegankelijker track, Pedro. Shake-Up slaat deur weer dicht. Geen lichte snack, wel een eigenzinnige soundtrack en thematiek!

apr 15 2015

Gilbert Ohanian – Chestnuts: A True Story About Being Bullied

gilbertchestnutsIn Chestnuts:  A True Story About Being Bullied, Gilbert Ohanian, extensively recounts his own experiences being bullied as a child and most recently the bullying his son is facing. Having an Armenian background, new on boarding schools in first world countries, Gilbert was alone, without friends, often prey of verbal, physical and emotional bullying. The typical advices like ignore, walk away from or fight back proved useless. These tips often only worsen bullying and isolate the victim even more. The effects ultimately inspired the author for this book. Chestnuts tells which symptoms can signal parents and teachers that bullying takes place. It shows root causes for this behaviour and the exemplary behaviour that really can counter it. It answers tough why questions. Mixed with Ohanian’s own mental and physical fights, flights by moving to other countries and schools…..there being bullied again, gives the reader both theory and practical points of view.

No instant solutions are provided, since stopping the bully needs active involvement of teachers, parents, experts, authorities, confronting the bully and wisdom to not let the victim become the bully. To come out as a former bullying victim and sharing mature insights on this sensitive, omnipresent problem, is seldom heard of. Bullying not only takes place in schools, and public space (gangs) but also in work places and online (cyber bullying). Compliments to the author for throwing chestnuts to the pillows of interested readers to wake them up and tell the truth about bullying.

About the author

Gilbert Ohanian was born in Tehran, Iran in 1963. As a teen, he moved to the United States. He graduated from Glendale Community College with an Associate’s degree in Arts in 2014 and then enrolled in a four year college in Los Angeles, California. Gilbert is currently majoring in social science/economics. Ohanian is a single father of two children. He hopes that his story will be able to help everyone from the victims to the parents, teachers and others as well as the bully through communication. Ohanian describes himself as a devoted parent, dedicated to being the best parent for his children. He credits his children with giving him more insight into the story he was telling simply by observing how they interacted with and communicated with bullies themselves.

apr 14 2015

Riki Michele – Push

rikipushOp 22 augustus 2014 startte Riki Michele een Kickstarter crowfunding campagne onder fans voor een nieuw album. Een kleine maand later was het gevraagde bedrag binnen en kon ze aan de slag met vriendin en door de wol gevergde singer, songwriter en gitariste Margaret Becker. Michele is bekend van haar vocale rol in Adam Again en sinds het overlijden van haar ex en Adam Again boegbeeld Gene Eugene vooral haar solowerk: Big Big Town (1989), One Moment Please (1993) en Surround Me (2002). Een heel ander ritme dus dan menig onder contract staand artiest die constant in de schijnwerpers moet staan. Hertrouwd met Dave Palmer houdt Riki toch Michele aan als artiestennaam. Met Jerry Roe (drums), Robbie Cureton (bas), Matt Stenfield (toetsen), Stephen Leiweke (gitaar), Shane Wilson (engineer, mix) en Jimmy Abegg (fotografie, gitaar) werd een aantal maanden intensief gewerkt. Het resultaat, Push, werd 30 maart 2015 verspreid onder de Kickstarter backers. Op 7 april zag het album het licht op bijvoorbeeld iTunes.

Het sferische, dromerige Beautiful Wire opent zo herkenbaar. Liefde als medicijn voor verwonde zielen. Het eerste liedje, dat Margaret en Riki voor het album schreven, Into Peace, volgt. Opnieuw ruimtelijk geluid met losjes gespeeld percussie, akoestisch en elektrisch gitaren. Bijzonder in het mid-tempo What Would You Say is het strijkersarrangement en de oosterse achtergrondzang. Relaxed van achter de Rhodes piano kan het ook, bewijst The Sweetness. “I can smell the sweetness of a new life beginning”. “Break me into peaces, build me up again.” vraagt Michele in The Balance. De ontspannen sfeer blijt ook in het titelnummer en The Gift over het leven, dat we ondanks alle moeilijkheden hebbben gekregen als geschenk om volwassen te worden. Overgave in The Big One, donkere Rhodes sounds in het aanstekelijke  I Feel Soul, waarna het Afrikaans getinte Hey Mama Hey afsluit. Push is kwaliteit van begin tot eind, 13 jaar na Surround Me, Riki Michele weer teruggezet in de muziekscène.

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